Skål I Skyen 6

In Life Science Fyn, we are very happy to invite you to our sixth Skål i Skyen event. In 2022, we cemented Skål I Skyen as the meeting place for all Life Science stakeholders on Funen with participation from more than 50 different companies and institutions, and the good momentum continues well into 2023.

Marie Louise Conradsen, Head of Open Innovation in Science at University of Aarhus, will be sharing her insights on how we can support the industry and academia to join forces and accelerate discoveries through openly sharing ideas, knowledge and materials.

After the presentation, there will be time for a few questions before you are let loose for a more informal chat.

So, show up on Friday 21st of April, at 14:30 in the Sky at Campus Kollegiet to gain valuable knowledge and a chat with your friends within the Life Science Fyn community. The presentation starts approx. at 15:00, followed by discussions and networking until 17:00. We will have drinks and something to munch on, ready for you. Remember to add the event to your calendar.

The lift code for the Campus College is 123456 Parking must be reported to the office on the ground floor.

This event is co-financed by the Danish Agency for Education and Research – The Agency for Institutions and Educational Support.

Well met!