Join The Ecosystem

As a member of Life Science Fyn, any company or organization with an active CVR number can join, including public authorities, institutions, organizations, universities, and private companies. Membership is only valid once the member has paid their dues.

By becoming a member, you directly support the Funen Life Science ecosystem. Members gain access to networking events, networking groups, and the unique knowledge about the life science industry on Funen that the association has built up, and the board. Life Science Fyn acts as a facilitator for collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members. It provides assistance with common business challenges, such as finding relevant partners, gaining an overview of existing competencies on Funen, establishing relevant contacts at other parts of the ecosystem, and providing an overview of existing service offerings, whether it’s within recruitment, student assistance, legal matters, fund applications, and the like.

In addition, your company will be represented when our employees are out speaking with the industry. This membership is a great opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the vibrant Funen Life Science ecosystem.

Membership rates

The membership fee rates for Life Science Fyn were set on March 27, 2023, by the general assembly. Please note that membership cannot be paid with services such as labor, premises, or the like. Membership is signed for a calendar year and needs to be renewed at the turn of the year.

For companies (CVR registered), the membership fees are as follows:

  • 1-9 employees: DKK 1,500
  • 10-19 employees: DKK 3,000
  • 20-49 employees: DKK 6,000
  • 50-99 employees: DKK 12,000
  • 100-250 employees: DKK 18,000
  • 250+ employees: DKK 25,000

For public entities, the membership fees are as follows:

  • Region: DKK 25,000
  • Municipality with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants: DKK 18,000
  • Municipality with more than 100,000 inhabitants: DKK 25,000
  • Other public organization: DKK 25,000

These fees support the valuable work of the association in promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the life science sector on Fune