Building Networks & Trust

Life Science Fyn is a dynamic and rapidly growing association founded in spring 2022, initiated by the University of Southern Denmark and forces from the private sector on the island of Funen. Life Science Fyn covers both private companies, educational institutions and public organisations within healthtech, biotech, agrotech, pharma, cannabis, and medtech – Improving lives through life science.

Read the our 2023 report on the ecosystem here.


Life Science Fyn works to create networks, foster knowledge sharing, entrepreneurship, and partnerships among its members in Funen, Denmark. 
With focus on four areas:

Networking & Knowledge Sharing

Facilitated through the organization of relevant events and the creation of local networking groups.

Incubator Environment

Dedicated to the establishment of an environment where entrepreneurs in the life science field can gain affordable access to laboratory facilities, services, and start-up assistance, locally in Odense.

Education & Recruitment

Fostering close collaboration between educational institutions and the industry, addressing both the brain-drain and spouse issues prevalent in the entire Funen sector.

Public-Private Partnerships

With a focus on defining the interfaces between the public and private sectors for more effective cooperation.

In summary, Life Science Fyn is an ambitious association driving growth, innovation, and cooperation in the life science sector on Funen, working diligently to build a sustainable ecosystem that utilizes local resources and talent.

Founding Members

In less than a year, we managed to represent over 3,000 employees from the private sector and 14,000 employees from public institutions, despite the establishment being driven by volunteer efforts from both sectors.

The core mission of Life Science Fyn is to devise a collective strategy and vision to strengthen Funen’s standing in the life science sector. This strategy is rooted in a shared responsibility for cooperation across local private companies, public institutions, Funen municipalities, and the Region. Key to this vision is the increased use of local resources and locally educated individuals to boost growth and innovation while mitigating the migration of highly educated labor from Funen.

The Ecosystem

Invested (mio dkr 20'-22')
0 +
Employees (Private Sector)
2500 +
Revenue (mio dkr 22')


Networking & Knowledge Sharing Groups